Resonance is a social music station that is based around a geo-fence of your location (city, neighborhood, team). While you can listen to any station, you can only add and rank songs in the location you live in; this regulation allows for the creation of unique cultural and social differences between locations.

There were many iterations of the design as we developed the backend and the frontend at the same time. I did all of the UI/UX design and much of its implementation as well which was a great learning experience since it let me try out some fun new things like LESS 


  • Continuous and dynamic updating of a local playlist of music using social ranking algorithms, location, and time of day. 
  • Private and public groups that allows control of playlists from secret, controlled, or public. 
  • Ability to import and export playlists from Spotify, iTunes, and RDIO.

Screenshots of various pages during development.