Oh Hello!

I'm a designer from Colorado currently living in San Francisco. After a stint at Stanford I made precise shiny beautiful things at Apple for a few years. I have recently left Apple to co-found Circadian Design where we are working to make it easier for people to receive, remember and take their medicine.

Some Fun Facts

I am a 5th generation Coloradoan

I have skied since I was 2 years old and have been skied/fallen down mountains in Japan, South America and the U.S. 

I have had training to drive in a presidential motorcade

I have flown over 200,000 miles in the past year

I love climbing, reading, photography, cooking and tinkering on the side


Work is better with friends

Here are a few friends I admire greatly and always have a blast working with:

Annika Matta
Ben Kallman 
Purin Phanichphant 
James Thompson 
Mariel Lanas

Prat Ganapathy
Jon Denby
Eugene Korsunskiy 

Jason Chua