Concrete Bowl

An attempt to create a bowl while focused on creating a dynamic interplay between the interior and exterior forms of the object. I've always enjoyed dichotomies between basic materials and those that we perceive to be of a more rarified nature. This served as the inspiration for this project.

The exterior bowl is made of dyed, cast concrete.  The interior surface has had 5 layers of silver leaf applied to the surface then buffed until it conformed to the cracks in the concrete.

Blocky Blocks

This was a re-imagination of the old wooden letter blocks of my childhood. I love the idea of having more than one shape to play with and how the various ligatures of the letters interact with each other.

The blocks were made from hand cut laminated maple that was ripped down into 3"X3" cubes then formed into the letters using jigsaw and table saw. Each block was then painted with a non-toxic toy paint to keep them age appropriate. 


Steampunk Seashell

This was a crash art project where I had less than 24 hours to make an electronic art piece. When you tilt the seashell up to your ear you hear the sounds of traffic as opposed to that of the ocean. This used a mercury switch and a glitched audio chip to make the traffic sounds only upon human interaction.