The Class:

This was both the most time consuming, frustrating, and exhausting project I've worked on while at the same time the most rewarding and educational. Building a chair in less than 10 weeks is absolutely insane but somehow I managed to pull everything together at the last minute much to my own surprise. This chair is a material study into two of most common materials around, glass and concrete, but each of them are of a modern technological genus that makes them stronger, lighter and more capable building materials than before. 

The Chair: A Documentary

This film was shot of the length of our 10 week build. It is a great way to show off the overall process and wide rang of the chairs that our group lovingly put together. 

The 10 Week Process:

Below is the process and design log I kept over the 10 week period from inception to final assembly and cleaning. There was a lot of development work put into the concrete formulation and mold design which you can see below.